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Scientists at this week’s general meeting of the European Geosciences Union in Vienna have been worrying about water.

Some see ‘melting mountains’ (to use Reuters’ headline) as a “time bomb” set to explode established patterns of global water use.

That snow melt will raise world sea levels much more than previously predicted, say others.

If we’re looking at a world with less land and less water to support our living on it, perhaps we need to think about taking up less space. As we do that, the New York Times tells us, the wealthiest of us can rely upon a new breed of advisers — downsizing specialists.

“People who are about to shed personal belongings, by necessity or choice, may find the task overwhelming and emotionally painful,” notes writer Elizabeth Olson.  She sees plenty of future opportunity for those with skills in “organizing, psychology and plain old hand-holding.

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